Monday, September 24, 2012

Epcot's 30th: World of Motion Brochures

Inside Transcenter at Epcot's World of Motion pavilion, General Motors used to distribute booklets touting their current and future product lines, while providing a little more information about the vehicles on display inside the exhibit.  As much fun as it was to "be free" on the original GM ride, walking through Transcenter was just as memorable and these brochures help bring me back to that time.  If you're feeling nostalgic about the old EPCOT Center rides, then take a look at this pinterest board, where I've been gathering images from the park's early days.

The first three guides posted below are not dated, though I believe the first is from 1983, since it includes images of 1984 GM vehicles.  The second guide includes a 1985 copyright and images of 1986 GM vehicles, so I believe that to be from 1985, while the third"Visitor Guide" also has no date, but I believe it to be from 1986. The last brochure, now named a "Souvenir Guidebook" is from 1990, which I know because it actually includes a date on the cover.

[NOTE: Since originally posting this article, I've found an additional World of Motion Guide; the 1985 version has just been added on 9/27/2012)

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