Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What's in Your Bag? (Electronics)

After listening to a recent WDW Today podcast about technology some of the hosts of that show carry with them while visiting Disney World, I've chosen to document what's in my travel bag.

All of the items below are permanently reside in my carry-on luggage, which I'll bring along for short one or two night trips or longer vacations.  When I arrive at my destination, the chargers that plug into wall outlets stay in the luggage, while the smaller items find their way into a backpack that I carry around just about everywhere I go.
  • Extra Cell Phone Battery
    • I bought an extended life battery with my Droid 2, so I carry it's original battery just in case
  • Portable Cell Phone Charger + Charging Cable
    • In ancticpation of buying a phone without a removable battery, I bought a Motorola Portable Power Pack to charge my phone on the fly.  This has worked well enough that I seldom use the second battery anymore.  Those with needs for more battery life can purchase similar gadgets that will charge their phones multiple times in one day.
  • Camera Battery Charger
    • I have two of these, one in my camera bag and one that with my carry-on luggage.
  • Cell Phone Charger
    • I bought an extra phone charger that I leave in my luggage, so I don't have to think about packing the charger that lives in my house.
  • Cell Phone Car Charger
    • I also have an extra car-charger for my phone, since I often use my phone as a navigation system while driving away from home and that runs the battery down pretty quickly.
  • Video Camera Charger
    • Even with two batteries for my video camera, it's not unusual that I'll need to recharge while on the road.
  • Laptop Charger + Extra Laptop Battery
    • I just about always bring my laptop computer along while traveling, so the charger and an extra battery (not pictured) come along too.
  • Gorillapod
    • This has been great for my point and shoot camera at night or any time a long exposure is needed and it can sometimes be useful for setting up a video camera if there's a rail or something else to lock onto.  I now have two small Gorillapods (they also make a larger model).

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